Hiking in Dadia

The routes crossing the Dadia forest are countless and those who want to enjoy hiking in Dadia all they have to do is to be properly equipped and start walking in nature and its beauties.

Dadia – Observatory

Hiking in Dadia starts with the most popular route, from the Information Center of Dadia up to the Bird Observatory. It lasts about one hour on the cart roads crossing the forest. You will encounter black pine, forest trees, streams with dense vegetation around them and lizards, small animals and many species of birds, while when you reach the Observatory, you may come across vultures and eagles eating from the trough!

Observatory – Information Center of Dadia

If you chose to climb the Observatory from the Information Center of Dadia, you can return from a different path. The trip will last about 45 minutes of hiking in Dadia, on slightly downhill cart roads and footpaths. These are the paths of farmers and breeders of the region.


Hiking in Dadia leading to the top of Gibrena, at an altitude of 520 meters , lasts 2.5 hours and starts from the Information Center. Pines and oaks dominate the route, while shortly before the peak vegetation lowers. In the end, the endless view of the entire National Park is the reward for those who choose hiking in Dadia. In Gibrena are found ruins of a Byzantine fortress and a little further south we see the rocks of “Iki Kaya” with large feeders for rare birds of prey, long-legged buzzards, peregrine falcons and lanner falcons that come here to reproduce and rest.

Gibrena – Dadia

From Gibrena, you have the option to go down towards the village of Dadia and not the Ecotourism Center, from where the ascent usually starts. Following the blue signs and tags, during the hiking in Dadia you can encounter clusters of pines, oaks, arbutuses and many shrubs. You will pass from Diavolorema (creek of the Devil), but also a small cave, which for years served as a sheepfold. The path ends at an organized recreational area in nature, with a lovely fountain, Tsami, west of the village of Dadia.


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