Hiking in Kirki

Kirki is a small village at the foot of Rhodope, surrounded by a lush forest. In the village, are often organized hiking activities leading among the trees and the beautiful nature.

Hiking in Kirki usually starts from the village’s limits and ends at the forest’s fire lookout station. It is not difficult, but it requires elementary preparation; a hat, athletic attire, preferably long pants, regardless of temperature, and water are the necessary stuff in order for everyone to enjoy hiking in Kirki.

From the fire lookout station of the Volunteer Network of Forest Protection of Evros the view is vast; the city of Alexandroupolis from above, even the Evros Delta is clearly visible, depending of course on the atmosphere. However, Hiking in Kirki offers other thrills as well, as the forest hosts numerous species of flora and fauna.

One of the most beautiful routes of Evros, hiking in Kirki offers unique moments in nature. The forest is there and offers us lifetime experiences while requiring our respect.

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