Hiking in Maistro

Hiking in Maistro, the small settlement at the limits of Alexandroupolis, includes routes of outstanding natural beauty. The whole area is full of trees, known as platanotopos (plane tree area) and hiking in Maistro is characterized by the presence of this tree. In the lush area, though, grow hundreds of other species of the flora of Evros, while the river crossing it the hosts fish and amphibians.

Starting from the Natural History Museum, located in the plane tree area, hiking in Maistro ends at “yara”, in red dirt. The route is easy for everyone, in an easily passable path that passes through the trees and lasts about half an hour. Small animals and countless birds accompany hikers throughout its length. Cedars, oaks and hollies are so thick in some places that hiking in Maistro seems to pass through a tunnel!

Alexandroupolis from above, Imvos, Samothrace, even Thassos and Aenus of Eastern Thrace are clearly seen from the end of hiking in Maistro.

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