Hiking in Nipsa

Hiking in Nipsa covers numerous routes in the surrounding forests, as the village is situated among towering ancient trees. The most common route for hiking in Nipsa is the one that joins the new with the old village, crossing the namesake Forest. The Nipsa Forest is a big oak forest with very old oak trees, and various other species of flora and fauna of Evros. An impressive stream, impetuous in winter and milder in summer runs through it.

Right after and while being at the limits of the oak tree area, hiking in Nipsa is now directed towards the old village. There is the church of the 19th century with the old bell tower, dedicated to the Nativity of Virgin Mary. From this point, you have the opportunity to go back and hiking in Nipsa can be completed. However, the path continues leading to the chapel of Saint John the Theologian, with course duration of another twenty minutes.

The route is considered easy and therefore hiking in Nipsa is preferred by many visitors.

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