Another type of pasta – after oumats – that is exclusively made in Evros and specifically by the Women’s Agricultural Association of Trigono “Gaia” is called ifkadia.

To many people, ifkadia will remind either the Greek “hylopites” (type of pasta) or the Italian pappardelle (both large, very broad, flat pasta noodles).

Ifkadia are made of cut dough, which has been kneaded with egg and milk. As for oumats, the raw materials of ifkadia are milk, salt, flour and eggs, fact that makes them an ideal nutritional suggestion even for breakfast.

Because of their shape, ifkadia are uniquely combined with red sauces and therefore somebody can use them either to replace the hylopites in a recipe for soufflé or to create a “more” Greek version of lasagna adding salami, basil and various cheeses.

To cook ifkadia you will need a pot in which you will boil salted water. Then, you will drop and let ifkadia boil for approximately 8 to 10 minutes. For better taste, after boiling sauté ifkadia with butter or oil and serve them with cheese, milk or red sauce depending on the time and your appetite.

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