For those looking for a sweet (name and thing) memory from the visit at the villages of Evros, the homemade marmalades produced by the Women’s Agricultural Association of Trigono “Gaia” are the ideal choice aalong with the local spoon sweets.

The thirty-five members of the association combining tradition with flavor produce marmalades of plum, blackcurrant and cherry plum.

It is a delicious accompaniment to your breakfast or afternoon snack; these three marmalades are made of local local organic products of certified quality.

The plum marmalade contains calcium, potassium, zinc, copper, vitamins A, B, C, E, K and fiber. Cherry plums, which you rarely find in the form of marmalade in another Greek region, is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and niacin for which is found that helps people with arthritis, high cholesterol and mental fatigue. Finally, the blackcurrant contains more vitamin C than oranges, is rich in fiber and has rich antioxidants, which contribute effectively in weight loss and aging slowdown.

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