Municipal Museum of Soufli

All the modern history of the town of Soufli, through the residents’ daily life, is presented in the collections of the Municipal Museum of Soufli.

The building that houses the museum’s collections is the 1890 Brika Mansion of rare architectural beauty. It was constructed to house the family and its silk businesses. The Brika family was involved in sericulture, storage and production of silkworm seeds, creating one of the most important Silk Houses in the area. The building was donated to the Municipality of Soufli in 1991, so as to be created the Municipal Museum of Soufli.

The Municipal Museum of Soufli hosts exhibits that recount the city’s development since the simultaneous sericulture blooming, population growth, professional, cultural, architectural life and rise of Soufli’s residents in the happenings of the time. Vintage photos, original documents and files record the history frame by frame. Rare needleworks and wovens of the “Chrysalis” Association of Friends of Silk, tools, furniture and utensils of daily life, jewelry and clothing, both male and female, are also hosted in the Municipal Museum of Soufli.

Mesohoriou Square 68400, Soufli


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