Oumats is manufactured at the Women’s Agricultural Association of Trigono “Gaia” and is a unique kind of white trahana (boiled wheat) that you can only find in Evros.

Milk, flour, eggs and salt are the only ingredients used by the association for the creation of oumats.

As said by those who know, the digestible and delicious porridge that gives oumats is a health and nutritious food for kids and adults. Due to the pure components that women of Trigono use, oumats is a highly nutritious meal for all those who want to maintain their vitality and energy.

As it is not produced with other spices and “heavy” components, oumats is considered a light meal which can be consumed any time of the day.

All you need to do is to pour four tablespoons of oumats in boiling salted water and leave it on the fire for about three minutes. Then, put the porridge of oumats in a deep dish and accompany it as the classic trahana, with milk, feta cheese or another cheese.

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