Spoon sweets

Apart from the special handmade jams, the spoon sweets, treated after lunch or dinner, are also famous in Evros and Samothrace.

If you find yourself in Samothrace, do not miss for any reason to search for the spoon sweet called praousti or praousto. That is because Samothrace is the only region of Greece in which thrives the namesake tree that gives the fruits for the making of this spoon sweet. Praousti or praousto comes from a yellow-green fruit that resembles something between of wild cherry plum and plum. It is said that it took its name from the fact that the fruits of this tree ripen just before August.

The second spoon sweet that you should look for in Evros is called ritseli. The ingredients of this particular spoon sweet are just pumpkin, honey, apple geranium and sugar, but the locals say that the ultimate success depends on the housewife’s skills. In fact, the ritseli spoon sweet used to be treated in Easter celebrations.

In Evros, you will also find spoon sweets of fig, melon, quince and apricot.

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