Thermal Baths of Traianoupolis

The Thermal Baths of Traianoupolis have been operating from antiquity until today and they offer relief from various ailments. They are located 14 km east of Alexandroupolis, towards the borders with Turkey, next to the archaeological site of Traianoupolis.

They are hot curative springs that are officially recognized by the state and are characterized as hydro-thio-chloro-sodic, with a temperature of 52 °C. Balneology and drinking therapy are recommended in the Thermal Baths of Traianoupolis, which are considered the most important in Greece. Rheumatism, gynecological, neurological and digestive disorders as well as various other problems that afflict the human body here find a satisfactory treatment that relieves those suffering and is maintained long after the end of it.

In the Thermal Baths of Traianoupolis operate modern hotel facilities and a recently renovated hydrotherapy center with individual baths and hydro massage. The modern restaurant “Hana” is operated by the Women’s Production Cooperative of Loutros and will offer you local delicacies.

The baths now operate all year long while at the facilities of the Thermal Baths of Traianoupolis there are some extra private hotels, shops and restaurants.

The facility management is done by the Intermunicipal Bath Business of of Traianoupolis – Alexandroupolis (DELTA).

DELTA, 306 Dimokratias Avenue, Alexandroupolis, 2551 28-786, Loutropoli / / 14th km. National Road Alexandroupolis – Sinoron (Borders) Tel. 2551 61-225 & 61-215.

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