Thracian trahanas

Another special detail that makes the villages of Evros stand out is the local version of trahanas (tarhana), a word that comes from the adjective “traganos” that means crunchy.

What makes the Thracian trahanas special is its special flavor given by the ingredients.

The pepper of Florina (mostly), the onion, the tomato and the zucchini give to the Thracian trahanas a spiciness that makes it special among all the other kinds of trahanas in Greece.

What also makes the Thracian trahanas special is that during its preparation there is no use of milk, while in all the other areas of the country trahanas was a way to utilize the leftover milk.

The ingredients are the ones that make the spicy Thracian trahanas an original accompaniment for recipes that include meat, fish or seafood.

You can find the spicy Thracian trahanas ( as well as its simpler sour version that is ideally accompanied by bread or cheese) among the traditional products (as “oumats”(white frumenty) or “ifkadia”(traditional pasta)) produced by the Agricultural Association “Gaia”.


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