Tourist Center of Feres

If you visit the Evros Delta from Feres, your starting point will be the Municipal Tourist Center of Feres that is located in the old city entrance. Once you have fully been informed about the ecosystem, you can choose how you will visit it; bus, boat, car, bike or hiking trails start from here. With the help of the tour guides and the people of the Tourist Center of Feres you will choose the best for you.

The Tourist Center of Feres operates throughout the year, under the supervision of the municipality. The staff has the experience, knowledge and, of course, the desire to lead visitors safely to the desired destination within the magical landscape created by nature in the Evros Delta.

As this is the entrance to one of the most important biotopes across Europe, from the Tourist Center of Feres pass annually thousands of visitors from around the world that have as destination the wetland of the unique beauty and importance.

Tel.: 2555024310


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