Traditional dishes

Due to its specificity as to the geography, the entire region of Evros has a distinct local cuisine with unique traditional dishes. The Thracian sarmas, one of the traditional dishes of Evros, is known as tzigerosarmas. It is cooked with rice; lamb livers, anterakia, onions and spices wrapped in lamb roof and are one of the traditional dishes of Easter in Evros.

The famous Sarakatsanikes pies that you will find in the villages of Sarakatsani, the traditional spicy sausages from Soufli and Lavara, the river fishes from Evros, called also sazania and you will not find anywhere else, as well as handmade pasta and pies by cooperatives are the traditional dishes of Evros that should not miss to try no visitor of the northern region of the country.

In taverns and restaurants around Evros, from the coastal areas of Alexandroupolis , Makri , Dikella  and Messimvria  as the areas around Evros and the most northern of the prefecture, Soufli, Didymoteichon and Orestiada[N8] , the traditional dishes served are delicious and worth a try.

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