Traditional Sarakatsani Settlement

A real, traditional Sarakatsani settlement in modern Greece!

A few kilometers away from Alexandroupolis, in Leptokarya Aesimis, the Sarakatsani Club of the department of Evros created an original Sarakatsani settlement, a traditional shepherd partnership, used both as museum and recreational area.

The traditional Sarakatsani settlement in Leptokarya is complete: huts (“konakia”) for everything, from producing cheese (“mpagio”) to having a lesson from a teacher. Visitors can see themselves the constructional technique of the famous circular hut, made of wood and reeds, of the konaki with the cross on the roof (“katsoula”) but also the organization of the partnership with the mountain school. The site of the traditional Sarakatsani settlement is also configured properly so as visitors to enjoy the nature all around them, with the oaks and a water spring.

In the Settlement every August there is organized a special meeting, of course for the Sarakatsans.


Museum of Sarakatsani Tradition

The museum of Sarakatsani tradition is found in Aesimi, in a place near the Traditional Sarakatsani Settlement donated to the Club by the Municipality. Both male and female traditional costumes, capes, aprons, saddle bags, embroideries, bells and distaffs have all their place in the museum. These are some the everyday objects the Sarakatsans use. The museum opened its gates in 2009.

Postal Code: 68011, Aesimi, Alexandroupolis

Tel.: (0030) 2551093262 , 2551020217

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