Saint Tryphon is celebrated every year in Evros with the fertile soils and the long tradition in viticulture. This custom takes place on the feast day of Saint Tryphon, on February 1. Saint Tryphon id the patron of vines and viticulture and the wine producers of Evros honor him especially.

Everyone goes to the mess of Saint Tryphon and as it is the first day of the month, they watch the Blessing. They offer bread (artoklasia) and then, after they have taken the holy water, they sprinkle all the vines of their vineyards, so that the new crop is blessed.

Due to the celebration of Saint Tryphon, it is considered a sin to work in their vines on that day. According to the tradition, an old farmer who defied the sanctity of the celebration and chose to go to the vineyard and prune, lost his nose in a terrible accident! This event is represented as a folk event until our days in Dikea, the little border village in Trigono of Evros, where is located the chapel of Saint Tryphon among the vines.

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