The Vatos fish of Thrace is a distinct specie of skate that can be found in the area around Alexandroupolis  – which is of course rich in fish and seafood and is famous for these kinds of delicacies.

You will be able to find in many areas of the entire Evros, fresh seafood and shellfish but the coastal zone of the county is famous for its fishes – among them is Vatos. It’s among the seafood that thrives in the Thracian Sea while it is rare in the rest of the Aegean. It stands for its tastiness.

The traditional housewives of Evros but also every tavern that we could say “respects itself” and its customers, is serving for sure fried Vatos, mainly accompanied by skordalia, a garlic based sauce. You will also find “steamy” Vatos, which is equally delicious!

Apart from Vatos fish, from the seafood of Thrace that one must try during his stay in the Evros are the famous seashells: mussels and clams fresh and delicious!

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