Wine Festival

The Wine Festival is held in Alexandroupolis, at a central city spot and it lasts one week. Apart from the wine, which is certainly the major topic, within the Wine Festival numerous events, concerts, musical performances, seminars and educational events take place. All the cultural associations of the region participate in the festival. They also have their own kiosks demonstrating their goodies!

The Wine Festival is organized by the Municipality of Alexandroupolis, the Tourism & Thermal Bath Enterprise of the Municipality of Alexandroupolis, the Union of Cultural Institutions of Evros, at a central spot of Alexandroupolis, at an outdoor area of 5,000 square meters. In the Wine Festival 2013 participated 25 cultural associations, while over 400 dancers gave their own performances during the thematic nights that were organized.

Within the Wine Festival, wine is for free for all guests, while each association has prepared its own snacks and sweets to treat the Festival’s guests, Greek and foreigners that fill in the space.

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