Youth Festival of Tychero

The Youth Festival of Tychero is held every summer, usually during the first days of August by the Lake of Tychero, in the Eastern central region of Evros. The artificial lake was created by the dam of Lira, at the tributary of the river Evros. It is a landscape of unique natural beauty, with mild tourist development, as it is located between the protected forest of Dadia and the Delta of the river Evros.

The concert scene of the Youth Festival of Tychero hosts every year famous, but also emerging, Greek artists. There are also organized impromptu parties that entertain people all night long with dance and, of course, music, which is the reason why everyone attends the Youth Festival of Tychero.

This is one of the most important festivals of Evros. The Youth Festival of Tychero is conducted at the premises of the Ecotourism Centre, by the lake. Every year, it attracts visitors from all the near villages, as well as many tourists who spend their holidays in Evros. Apart from the parties and the concerts of the Youth Festival of Tychero, those interested have the possibility to hike on the trails of the Forest of Dadia as well as to participate in other nature activities.

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