Ithaca – Villas

When visiting Ithaca, you will be presented with a variety of choices for your accommodation. Either you choose to stay inside the villages or somewhere more remote, it is definite that the beauty of the landscape and the traditional architecture will amaze you. Ithaca does not have big hotel complexes with hundreds of rooms; it does, however, offer a big variety of small hotels, rooms to let, apartments, as well as villas, with private facilities for their visitors.

Ithaca’s hotels are usually family businesses, an element that gives them a charming, warm feeling. Especially tasteful and tidy, frequently renovated in order to offer the best to their customers, there are not many of them and you will find most in Vathi, in this traditional settlement that is also the capital of the island. If you prefer to stay in a hotel, you will also find them in the beautiful fishing village of Frikes, in the north of the island, and in Stavros, the biggest village of the northern part.

There is a wide variety of apartments for rent, with a broad range of prices, and you can choose from stand alone rooms to complexes. In an apartment to rent the visitor can use the kitchen, relax watching television or a movie from the offered services, enjoy a coffee and his drink on the balcony, or use the pool of the complex that these apartments usually are part of.

If you are looking for a more affordable solution, then the rooms to let of Ithaca will cover all your needs. Comfortable and tidy, they usually offer nothing less than what you will find in more “luxurious” accommodation. As they often function as a family business, you will be rewarded for your choice with a warm feeling of hospitality.

If what you prefer for your vacations is comfort, luxury and privacy, then your best choice are the villas that are available for rent on the island of Ithaca. Built in accordance with the traditional architecture, hidden among the lush vegetation of the island, and most with an amazing view of the deep blue waters of the Ionian sea, they are ideal for those who want to fully relax … and move around as little as possible!

  • Arhondiko Elea

    Arhondiko Elea in Vathi, Ithaki, is an ideal place for those seeking rest and relaxation. See here all the comforts and facilities it offers.

  • Paradise Villa

    Visit Paradise Villa at Vathy of Ithaca and enjoy your independence during your holiday.

  • Grivas View Studios

    Grivas View Studios are located in the capital of Ithaca, Vathy. They offer a comfortable stay as well as the feeling of independence and great view to the port.

  • Studio Elena Rooms

    Studio Elena rooms to let are in Vathy of Ithaca and offer relaxing vacation at the main city of the island.

  • Ακταίον

  • Aktaion

    Visit Aktaion rooms to let in Vathy of Ithaca and enjoy calming, family- like vacation.

  • Yanni’s & Dorothea’s house apartments

  • Villa Spilia Apartments

  • Veronis apartments

  • Tsintilas apartments

  • Σέρβος Apartments

  • Servos apartments

  • Πανόραμα Apartments

  • Panorama Apartments

  • Odyssey Apartments

  • Κανάς Apartments

  • Kanas apartments

  • Γάσπαρης

  • Gasparis

    Visit the Gasparis apartments to rent in Leuki of Ithaca and enjoy peaceful vacation in the nature.

  • Frikes Bay Suites

    Visit Frikes Bay Suites in Frikes of Ithaca and enjoy relaxing and calming vacation.

  • Apartments of Epichari

  • Arhondiko Elea

    Arhondiko Elea in Vathi, Ithaki, is an ideal place for those seeking rest and relaxation. See here all the comforts and facilities it offers.

  • Dioskouroi II

    Diskouroi II apartments to let are located in Vathy of Ithaca and they offer relaxing vacation.

  • Dioskouroi I

    Diskouroi I apartments to let are located in Vathy of Ithaca and they offer relaxing vacation.

  • Cavos Sunset View Cottages

  • Captain Panos

  • Captain Panos

  • Aprilis Studios

    Aprilis Studios apartments to rent are located in Kioni of Ithaca and offer serenity, relaxation and great view. See more information here.

  • Anamartitos Apartments

  • Aethon Palace

    Aethon Palace apartments to let are located in Vathy of Ithaca. See a detailed list of all the comforts and services offered that will make your stay memorable.

  • Agia Sofia Studios

    Agia Sofia Studios in Vath, Ithaca, will offer you comfortable and relaxing holidays!

  • Aggelica

    At the apartments of Aggelika you can enjoy relaxing and comfortable vacation, only a few minutes away from the center of Ithaca and Mnimata beach

  • Adastra Ithaca Luxury Suites

    A romantic retreat in the natural landscape of Vathi, Ithaka, Adastra Ithaca Luxury Suites, will make your holiday stay special.

  • Stavros Maroudas

  • Forkis apartments

    Next to the Homeric port of Forkinos, on the island of Ithaca, in Forkis apartments you will enjoy moments of relaxation in the common areas.

  • Tesoro villas

    Comfort and hospitality that will make your stay in the Tesoro villas in Ithaca, special. Ideal for families and couples holidays.

  • Villa Sunset Loula- Mari

    Villa Sunset Loula- Mari is in Leuki of Ithaca. It is a house of traditional architecture that is in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings.

  • Eutixia Villa

    Visit Eutixia Villa in Vathy of Ithaca and enjoy memorable vacation with your loved ones away from the fast pace of everyday life

  • Mili Vacation Village

    Mili Vacation Village villas are located in Vathy of Ithaca and they offer independence and luxury.

  • Εύμαιος

  • Evmaios

  • Dendrinos Villas

    Visit the Dendrinos Villas in Perachori of Ithaca and enjoy relaxing and luxurious vacation surrounded by nature.

  • Asterida

    Visit Asterida Villas and enjoy relaxing and quiet vacation in the village of Stavros of Ithaca.

  • Yellow House Villa

  • Yellow House Villa

    Comfortable, sunny and luxurious, the Yellow House Villa in Vathy of Ithaca is sure to offer you a unique summer experience.

  • Omirikon

  • Πόρτο Θιάκι

  • Porto Thiaki

  • Peratzada 1811 Art Hotel

  • Nostos

    Family holidays in Nostos Hotel in Frikes, Ithaca. Relaxing moments by the pool and in the restaurant will make your stay special!

  • Mentor

    Mentor Hotel in Vathi, Ithaca, provides modern amenities and will make your stay on the island unforgettable!

  • Korina hotel

    Korina hotel in Vathi, Ithaca, offers comprehensive amenities in a listed Ionian building! Read here what will make your stay with us unique!

  • Familia

  • Familia

  • Captain Yiannis

    If you are looking for a family hotel for your stay in Ithaca, Captain Yiannis in Vathi is the answer to your wanderings!

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