Ithaca - Restaurants

  • Ageri

    Try local delicacies from Ithaca and more flavors at Ageri restaurant. See here the complete menu ant the space of the restaurant.

  • Rementzo coffee- restaurant

    Visit Rementzo coffee- restaurant in Frikes of Ithaca and enjoy simple but excellent flavors while listening to the sound of the waves.

  • Myloi Restaurant

    Enjoy fresh fish and seafood at Myloi Restaurant in Kioni of Ithaca. We offer local delicacies and an outstanding cellar.

  • Portoni

    Το εστιατόριο Portoni, βρίσκεται στο Βαθύ της Ιθάκης.

  • Portoni

    At Portoni restaurant you can enjoy delicious food and local products. See here more details and you can visit it in Vathy of Ithaca.

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