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Here you will find all the necessary information about the island of Ithaca. The small island of the Ionian Sea with a history that spans through the centuries, gathers every year visitors from all the corners of the earth, who are moved by its beauty or who come here to fulfill a lifetime goal - reaching their own Ithaca...

Ithaca is a beautiful green island, located between Lefkada and Kefalonia, in the middle of the Ionian Sea. Eight small villages constitute Ithaca, with the biggest one being Ithaca  or Vathi, the capital, in the southern part of the island. The beaches  are mostly pebbly, with emerald waters reflecting the beautiful nature.

In Ithaca you will find everything you want. Tourist accommodations for every taste and price range, high quality tourist services, a wide variety of restaurants where you can enjoy your food, a small market with picturesque stores for your shopping, tranquility and peace for relaxation, but also wild parties and feasts, if you want to have fun!

Access to the island is easy, as it is connected daily with various ports of western Greece. The island does not have its own airport. Check Terrabook's map and find here all the information about the transportation on the island and anything else you might need for your stay on Ithaca.

  • Taxi- Dionysis Sakkatos

    Taxi services at the island of Ithaka

  • The harbor at Vathi

    The harbor at Vathi lies in the picturesque town of Ithaca and is considered one of the safest natural harbors in Greece.

  • The harbor in Kioni

    The small picturesque harbor in Kioni receives each year a large amount of boats and countless visitors.

  • Port of Piso Aetos

    The port of Piso Aetos is located on the west side of Ithaca and serves the ferry connections with the ports of Central Greece.

  • The port of Frikes

    The port of Frikes is located in northern Ithaca and connected to the ports Vassiliki and Nidri in southern Lefkada.

  • KTEL, the long-distance bus network of Greece

    Every day, except Saturday and Sunday, with two daily routes at 07.00 and at 14.00, going from Vathi to the villages in the northern part of the island.

  • Γυμνάσιο – Λύκειο Ιθάκης

    Γυμνάσιο Ιθάκης

  • Secondary School – High School of Ithaca

    Secondary School of Ithaca

  • Elementary School of Ithaca

    Periphery of the Ionian islands

  • Ithaca Police Department

    Police chief:

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