Ithaca - Small Islands

Around Ithaca is scattered a number of small islands that belong administratively to the municipality of Ithaca. Some are smaller, others are bigger, some are very close to the coast and others lie far in the Ionian Sea. All are uninhabited and covered with lush flora and most of them have beaches with emerald green waters and white pebbles, but they are accessible only if you have your own boat.

Of the small islands of Ithaca, the ones located very close to the coast are four:

Lazaretto in the port of Ithaca, with green pines and the church of Savior.

Skartsoumponisi at Dexa beach in the Homeric port of Forkynas.

Nisopoulo  on the southeastern coast, with its emerald waters.

• Agios Nicolaos, in Marmakas of northern Ithaca, with the chapel.

The rest of the small islands of Ithaca are located between the east shore and Central Greece. They form actually the cluster of the northern Echinades, the islands located opposite of the estuary of Acheloos. The closest to Ithaca is Atokos, with its amazing, beautiful beaches. Among them is also the island Oxia or Oxies, that was recently bought by the Emir of Qatar.

  • Skartsoumponisi

    Skartsoumponisi is a small islet that lies off Dexa beach, in southern Ithaca.

  • Nisopoulo

    Nisopoulo of Ithaca is located off the southeastern coast of the island and has beautiful emerald waters!

  • Lazareto

    Lazareto is a small island in the port of Ithaca. It is covered with pine trees and here stands the church of the Transfiguration of the Savior.

  • Agios Nicolaos

    Agios Nicolaos is the small island with the homonymous chapel across the beach of Marmakas in northern Ithaca.

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