Ithaca - Various Items

Among the picturesque streets of Ithaca's capital, Vathi, you will find the market of the island. Most of the shops are small, with quality products and a vast variety. The market is ideal for a long walk, where you can window-shop, until you find among the beautifully arranged products, what you really like. Do not miss to visit even the smallest side roads, since even the smallest shops on Ithaca hide their own little treasures.

Among the gift shops and the souvenir shops or the bijou-accessories, you will also find clothes, shoes, flower shops, markets, bakeries, travel agencies, and many many other small and bigger shops. All together they comprise the market of Ithaca, which is very functional, since it is compact, but sufficient for the needs of the locals all year round and of the tourists that come here in the summer.

Regarding the opening hours of the shops, during summer you will definitely find them open till late at night, sometimes even after midnight. Especially at the peak of the tourist season, they stay open on Sundays, from morning to afternoon, closing only for a while  during the hot midday hours.

  • Kivotos Bookstore

    Visit the Kivotos Bookstore in Vathy of Ithaca for books and school supplies.

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