Angira (Anchor)

On the main promenade of Ithaca, at the center of the port, next to the sea, is a large iron anchor. It is a monument dedicated to the sailors of Ithaca lost at sea. The Anchor stands on a marble base and has an engraved inscription that reads: “For the sailors that were forever embraced by the waves”.

A large part of the population of Ithaca, especially in the past, was occupied in maritime professions and had to spend a long time at the sea. Every family in Ithaca has at least one seaman, who was forced to leave his own place and home, to travel all over the world, in small and large boats, in order to make a living. Some of these sailors lost their lives at sea. And this iron anchor is to honor those “who were forever embraced by the waves”.

The large iron anchor is black and simple as far as its manufacturing is concerned, without any chains. A single anchor that stands on the sidewalk of the beach, among the thousands of ships visiting the port of Ithaca annually, to remind everyone of the power of the sea…

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