At Frikes of Ithaca you can visit the store of Dodoni and enjoy some of your favorite products of the infamous Greek ice- cream company.

Since 1967 Dodoni has offered ice- cream that has been loved by many generations. When visiting Ithaca you can still enjoy your favorite ice- cream at the Dodoni store. You can have of their classic and best flavors or you can try some of the new creative ones. Alternatively you can try some of the other products they offer since they have branched out to more than ice- cream. Whether you try one of their beverages, a dessert or a fresh waffle, you are sure to enjoy it since their products are produced with the best Greek ingredients.

Visit Dodoni anytime of the day and treat yourself and your loved ones with one of their divine products. You can enjoy it while you stare into the endless blue of the sea that unfold in front of you.

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