Emilie accessories store is located in Vathy of Ithaca. It as modern store that appeals mostly to women who desire to make a statement with their sense of fashion.

At Emilie accessories store you will find jewelry, accessories and gift ideas that are very tasteful. Most of the products are hand- made by Greek craftsmen. In the store you can find jewelry, scarfs, sandals, purses and handbags, tunics and more that are eye catching and unique and are in very competitive prices. You can also find jewels with semi- precious stones made by Anna and Melpo Fotiou, gold and silver bracelets by the brand Koukou, handmade paintings by Annita, tunics, leather sandals, dangling necklaces, earrings and more. We also sell products by the brand Prigkipo, as well as unique custom made jewels made by plexi- glass. Last but not least you can also find decorative by the brand Petratou, made by clay.

Visit Emilie accessories store and buy unique accessories and decorations for your house. Take a piece of your holiday with you back home.

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