Ithacan products

You will find olive trees everywhere on Ithaca, even at the beach, so it is only natural that olive oil is the number one product made by the locals. During your wanderings around the island, you will definitely see local vineyards, growing vines, out of which they make strong local wine of two kinds: Mavrodafne (sweet, red wine) and white wine (both certified organic products). The Perachoritiko white wine, specifically, has a dark orange hue and is very strong both in taste, and … at its consequences! Many locals producers keep their own beehives and Ithacan honey is also worth trying! “Spoon desserts” (traditional syrupy dessert made of fruits or vegetables) such as quince, sweet cranberry, sweet pear, sweet sultana grapes and others you will surely find at the big market of local Ithacan products that takes place at the central square of Ithaca every year in the beginning of August.

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