It is, according to many, the most beautiful village of Ithaca, and many visitors come to the island only to visit Kioni, as it is rightfully one of the most famous destinations of the Ionian Sea. Kioni is located on the north side of the island, to the east.

Kioni descends amphitheatrically from Rachi to the sea, reaching the closed, picturesque harbor of the village. Small, roof-tiled houses, beautifully colored, are built at the verdant hillside, full of cypresses and olive trees that reach the sea.

Narrow, paved streets and stairs lead to the sea, passing among charming houses and whitewashed courtyards, filled with flower pots. It is worth walking along the streets of Kioni, in order to admire its beauties. You can also reach the beaches of Kioni by foot and dive in the turquoise waters, right under the houses!

At the entrance of the harbor, there are three traditional windmills that will really impress you. From Kioni you will enjoy the beautiful sunrise, you will taste the traditional ouzo and the traditional taverns at the port. On July 20, the feast of Agios Elias is held on the beach of Kioni. The chapel is located at the cape outside the village.

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