Marine Corner

At Marine Corner, in Vathi of Ithaca, you can find marine and sailing equipment such as life jackets, buoyant devices, floating anchors and buoyancy aids, amateur and professional fishing gear such as diving equipment (mask, shoes, uniforms, and spear guns) and camping items such as sleeping bags, substrates and pads.

Additionally, studies are being carried out for mooring installation and maintenance, underwater photography and video recordings and retrievals by experienced professionals.

At the Marine Corner you will also find car and boat batteries, boat maintenance and cleaning materials, fire extinguishers and items such as navigation maps, compasses, and clinometers. There are also items such as gas tanks, vials, camping gaz, tires, and all kinds of fire extinguishers. Filling of diving tanks is also performed.

Finally at the Marine Corner you can order the products you need, even if they not available in store, with delivery time up to 2 days.

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