Small islands of Ithaca

Apart from Lazareto, Skartsoumpnisi, Nisopoulo and Agios Nicolaos, the municipality of Ithaca has also the following uninhabited islands:

Atokos and Arkoudi belong to the cluster of Tilevoides Islands.

Vromonas, Drakonera, Karlonisi , Makri, Oxia, Pontikos and Provato: small islands of Ithaca, belonging to the cluster of Echinades Islands, located quite close to the coasts of Etoloakarnania, at the estuary of Acheloos and formed by the depositions of the river. They are part of “Network Natura 2000” and, therefore, are protected areas.

Among the small islands of Ithaca, the largest are:


Located to the northeast of Ithaca with an area of ​​4.4 It has several bays and beautiful beaches for swimming. It is a privately owned island.


It is one of the small islets of Ithaca located to the north, just before Meganissi (Big Island) of Lefkada. It has an area of ​​4,275


Oxia is located to the east of Ithaca and to the west of the prefecture of Aetoloakarnania. It is the second largest island of Echinades and it has an area of 4,223 The island is privately owned.

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