Kefalonia – Churches

The religious tradition of Kefalonia is evident in every step of the visitor at the island. The churches, from the smallest ones to the most important monastery, are an integral part of people’s lives and the landscape of the towns, villages and the environs of the island in general. The church of each village is usually a unique attraction, with many being strongly influenced by elements imposed by the Venetian rule and then incorporated into the tradition of Kefalonia.

Among the churches of Kefalonia, a prominent position is held by the Holy Monastery of St. Gerasimos, the patron saint of the island, built in the 16th century, in Omala. The Monastery Atros in Poros has its roots in the 8th century, while in the Monastery of Saints Fanenton in Sami lie the remains of the homonymous local saints.

In Lithostroto, the main pedestrian street in Argostoli, is located the Catholic Church of St. Nicholas, in the St. George’s Castle is the church of the Annunciation of the 16th century, and in Markopoulo, the miraculous Virgin Fidoussa, one of the miracles that takes place every year on the island. The Virgin Drapaniotissa is the patron saint of Argostoli and St. Andrews Milapidias hosts the relic of the foot of the Apostle Andrew and has a rich ecclesiastical museum.

  • Monastery of Sission

    The Monastery of Sission in Kefalonia it is said that was founded by Francis of Assisi in the 13th century and you can still admire the impressive medieval building.

  • Church of the Archangels in Valsamata

  • Virgin Mary in Livathinata

  • Church of Saint Dimitrios- Evaggelistria, Faraklata

  • Chruch of Mother of God Sissiotissa

  • Saint Nicolas of Miniates, Lixouri

  • Saint Panagis Bassias

  • Saint Varvara

  • Saint Nicolas of Latins

  • Saint Spirodon, Lithostroto

  • Monastery of Kipouria

  • Monastery of Mother of God of Themata in Pilaros

  • Chruch of Evaggelistria in Kastro

  • Church of Virgin Mary in Drapano

  • Monastery of Mother of God of Atros (Poros)

  • Monastery of Saints Fanentes

  • Monastery of Mother of God of Agrilia in Sami

  • Monastery of St. Andreas the Apostle of Milapidia

  • Saint Gerasimos

  • Church of Presentation of Virgin Mary in Ntomata

  • Church of Virgin Mary Lagouvarda in Markopoulo (Fidiotissa or Fidoussa)

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