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The inhabitants of Kefalonia are lively people that dance and sing at the slightest chance! With a big tradition of feasts, it is certain that in Kefalonia, the fun will be nonstop! The options are endless: from a simple café that offers its guests special coffee of any kind, to the big clubs for the avid partygoers and the popular traditional feasts in the villages - the fun at Kefalonia never stops.

Choose for your recreation a cafe by the sea or on one of the beautiful squares of the island, such as the square Kampana or the central square Vallianos in Argostoli and the beach in Lixouri and Sami. As the night progresses, the bars open, offering drinks and unique cocktails – in Argostoli, the heart of the nightlife beats in Square Vallianos, while elsewhere on Kefalonia the party takes place literally where the waves crash...

Do not miss your chance, of course, to visit the island's patisseries, to taste the traditional desserts - for some there is nothing more fun than a delicious dessert! The mantola from Kefalonia, the delicious candies made here, as well as sesame mantola and other local products are just some of the desserts you must try. The patisserie' shopwindows are full of goodies and they might remind you of some European town – this is the western influence in Kefalonia (from the Venetian rule to the British rule), that has left its mark on the gastronomy of the island as well.

  • Gymland

    Gymland, located in the beautiful Argostoli, provides a full round of workout services for adults and children in a comfortable and warm environment.

  • Captain Vangelis Cruises

    Captain Vangelis welcomes you on board and wishes you a pleasant journey, in search of the hidden shores and beaches of Kefalonia, Ithaca and Zakynthos.

  • Bee’s Knees The Bar

    The Bee's Knees is in the center of Argostoli on the coastal highway. In this special hangout place of the city you can enjoy your favorite cocktail or find out a new recommendation between the dozens, that the store offers. Let the music take you away to a welcoming and attractive scenery!

  • Costa Costa Beach Bar

    Το Costa Costa Beach Bar βρίσκεται σε μια από τις διασημότερες και πολυσύχναστες παραλίες της Κεφαλονιάς, τον Μακρύ Γιαλό. Εκεί που σμίγει το πράσινο του βουνού με το γαλάζιο της θάλασσας, ο ανοιχτός ουρανός με το χρυσαφί της άμμου, το Costa Costa Beach Bar συμπληρώνει το «πάζλ» της απόλυτης ευχαρίστησης. Αποστολή μας δεν είναι άλλη από την δική σας εξυπηρέτηση στο πιο οργανωμένο beach bar του νησιού!

  • Costa Costa Beach Bar

    The beach bar Costa - Costa is located in one of the most famous and popular beaches of Kefalonia, Makrigialos. The Costa-Costa beach bar fills out the "puzzle" of absolute pleasure in the place where the green of the mountains meets the blue sea, and the open sky meets the golden sand. Our goal is only your service in the most organized beach bar on the island!

  • Captain’s Café

    Στις 27 Απριλίου 1991 κοντά στην κεντρική πλατεία Αργοστολίου  στο δρόμο με τους φοίνικες, γεννιέται το Captain’s Table το οποίο μετονομάστηκε σε  καφέ - μπαρ  Captain’s Café.

  • Captain’s Café

    The story of Captain's Café:

  • Baroque Le Bistrot

    You will find Baroque Le Bistrot at the heart of of Argostoli at Square of Vallianos and it is ideal for fun all day long.

  • Le Sapin Noir

    The "Le Sapin Noir" (Black Spruce) is located at the central square of Argostoli. This is one of the main hangouts coffee houses or bars that attracts clients of all ages. It is a great proposal for all hours!

  • Antico Cafe del Corso

    To Antico Cafe Del Corso βρίσκεται στον εμπορικό δρόμο του Λιθοστρώτου.

  • Antico Cafe del Corso

    The Antico Cafe Del Corso is located at the shopping street of Lithostroto.

  • Ainos Bicycle Store and Service

    The "AINOS BICYCLE STORE" began as an idea through a conversation between two friends, George Laskaris and Vassilis Kotoulas.

  • Bass Cafe

    Bass Cafr in a modern and comfortable place with luxurious and cosy "mood" and stylish decorative options in floral aesthetics, is ready to transform the experience of coffee and beverage into an experience of pleasure and relaxation.

  • Bass Club

    One of the strongest recommendations of nightlife in Kefalonia, Bass Club is in the most cosmopolitan area of ​​the city in the central square of Argostoli.

  • Daccapo cafe bar

    Enjoy memorable moments at Daccapo café bar in Argostoli of Kefalonia Island.

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