Kefalonia – Small Islands

Green slopes, majestic mountains, rich lagoons and many important geological phenomena that compose unique sceneries. It is the nature of Kefalonia, which promises to enchant you! Apart from the wonderful beaches that rank among the best of Greece – and beyond the borders – when you visit the island, you will find the countless secrets that are hidden in the nature of Kefalonia.

Cave Melissani is perhaps the most distinctive monument of nature in Kefalonia, and you should definitely not miss it. Not very far lies one of the most important caves in Greece, Drogarati with the excellent acoustics – it is such that it allows for concerts to take place in the hall of the cave!

Enos is the mountain that dominates the nature of Kefalonia. It is the highest peak of the Ionian Islands and is overgrown by the fir of Kefalonia, a beautiful tree with dark green foliage.

The Sinkholes, Kounopetra but also the caves of the island are the characteristic ‘paradoxes’ in the nature of Kefalonia, while there is also Avythos, the only lake on the island, that for many years was considered to be bottomless!

  • Antisamos- Poros

  • Monodendri- Chaliotata

  • Themata- Karavomilos

  • Koulourata- Sami

  • Agios Eleftherios – Agrapidies

  • Drapanitika- Assos

  • Cave Aggalaki

    Belongs to the system of 17 caves have been identified in the region of Sami in Kefalonia, while in its depth is formed a small lake.

  • The Garden of Napier

    An overgrown garden in the city’s center of Argostoli, created by the British Commissioner Napier, in 1829.

  • Cave Drogaratis

    A large and of exceptional interest cave, where are even organized concerts inside it!

  • Katavothres

    One of the strange geological phenomena in Kefalonia, as the seawater flows into the ground, across the island and flows into its other side!

  • Cave of Melissani

    Natural attraction of unique beauty, as the opening of the roof allows light to pass and gives to the waters of Lake awesome colors!

  • Avithos

    The only lake of Kefalonia, which for years was considered bottomless!

  • Robola

    The famous white wine of Kefalonia is produced on the slopes of Mount Enos and you must certainly try it!

  • Lagoon Koutavos

    Located on the bay of Argostoli, is of extreme importance wetland and the visitors can enjoy a walk along its banks.

  • Enos

    The highest mountain of the Ionian Islands dominates in Kefalonia. It is covered by forests of fir from Kefalonia and home rare species of animals and plants.

  • Asterida

    Asterida is a small islet between Kefalonia and Ithaca, close to Fiskardo.

  • Vardianoi

  • Zeus

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