Kefalonia – Museums

The rich history of Kefalonia, the particularities of its natural environment and also the traditions of past centuries are presented in a number of museums and cultural centers throughout the island. The Museums of Kefalonia cover every aspect of interest and are located in different parts of the island, not limited to the capital: the Maritime Museum in Fiskardo, the Olive Museum in Makriotika , the Museum of Electricity in Faraklata and others. In most of them there is a small fee for the admission and they operate the normal hours and days as museums throughout Greece.

The Museums of Kefalonia are not simply “places of memories”, but with activities directed at the contemporary individual, they are constantly evolving and integrating into the social fabric: seminars, workshops, conferences and activities are organized continuously, so that the museums are in constant contact with the public and their audience can experience in practice the knowledge exhibited at the museum.

In this section are also included the two most important Public Libraries of Kefalonia, with books, manuscripts and documents that narrate the history of the island and are accessible to the public that wants to learn about the past.

  • Nautical and Environmental Museum in Fiskardo

  • Museum of Natural History of Kefalonia and Ithaca

  • Museum of Radio and Telecommunication Material

  • Museum of Electricity in Faraklata

  • Museum of Olive in Pilaros

  • Korgalenio Historical and Folklore Museum of Argostoli

  • Korgialenios Library

  • Foundation of Fokas Cosmetatos’ sons

  • Iakovatios Library of Lixouri

  • Public Petritsios Library “Damodos” of Lixouri

  • Ecclesiastical Museum of the Holy Monastery of Saint Andreas

  • Archeological Museum of Argostoli

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