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It is almost certain that during your visit to Kefalonia, you will be tempted by the smells and images coming from the patisseries of the island! Traditional desserts, but also contemporary ones, influenced by European and American cuisine, invite you to try them!

In all the patisseries of Kefalonia, you will find typical local desserts:

• Mandoles: They look like candy, have a deep fuchsia - reddish color. They are roasted almonds coated with sugar and you will find them in various packaging in all the patisseries. There is also mandola with honey, that has a more natural brown color, but the traditional mandola is pink.

• Mandolato: Sugar, eggs, honey, chopped almonds, corn syrup and vanilla, blended and roasted to give this traditional sweet with the white color and the "hard" texture. It is packaged in slabs and you will also find it in all the patisseries.

• Pastelia: Local honey, usually thyme and local sesame are the components of pastelia from Kefalonia, which stand out just for that - for their first quality ingredients.

In the patisseries of Kefalonia, you will also find the famous galaktompoureko, local syrupy sweets (glyka tou koutaliou - 'sweets of the spoon'), amygdalopita (almond pie), but also many popular desserts such as pastries, cakes and of course ice cream varieties!

In most patisseries in Kefalonia you can sit at their tables and enjoy a dessert spot on - apart from the rest, that you will definitely buy to take home with you!

  • Patisserie Mavroidis

    Founded in 1918, the patisserie Mavroidis is a tradition in Kefalonia. It is known for its traditional values​​, respect for the client, commitment to quality and taste with the help of modern technology. The patisserie Mavroidis sweetens all those seeking the ultimate quality in salty products, ice cream, sweets, chocolates, gifts and catering.

  • Melissa Likoudis

    The bakery Melissa Likoudis in Argostoli offers you a big variety of Kefalonian traditional products along with your favorite homemade sweets

  • Aliki Chocolaterie

    In our traditional patisserie, Aliki chocolaterie, in Argostoli, you will find chocolates of exceptional quality in different flavors and praline.

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