Kefalonia - Rooms to let

For those who want simple, but satisfactory solutions, the rooms to let in Kefalonia is the answer to all their questions. It is primarily family businesses, in complexes that include the owner's own house. So the rooms to let in Kefalonia are kept in excellent condition, clean and tidy, so that the visitors feel comfortable, cosy and are receiving the best care. The rooms to let in Kefalonia are mostly newly built buildings, with modern furnishings. They usually have a bedroom and bathroom, probably a refrigerator and a basically equipped kitchen, along with a balcony, where you can relax, while enjoying the beautiful views of Kefalonia, the blue sea with its beautiful beaches and the imposing Mount Enos, covered with the unique black spruce. You will find rooms to let in every corner of the island, from the smallest villages in the hinterland, to almost the whole coastline of Kefalonia. Choose what fits your needs and benefit from the economic options of your stay, that are not lacking in anything from the standpoint of comfort, hospitality and luxurious holidays.
  • Vitoratos Studios

    We are waiting for you at Vitoratos Studios for a pleasant and peaceful stay in a welcoming environment, where you will create your most beautiful memories.

  • Assos Pension

    Assos Pension rooms to let in Assos Village promise warm, friendly and traditional hospitality and a memorable stay at the island of Kefalonia!

  • Agnantia Hotel

    The small and classy Agnantia Hotel with its dazzling sea views, is set in the green and tranquil Tselentata settlement in Kefalonia.

  • Kalypso Rooms

    Kalypso Rooms are located in Poros, on the island of Kefalonia and offer an amazing view of the mountains and the sea.

  • Mirtia Studios

    Mirtia Studios are ideal for those looking for a pleasant and relaxing stay with a sea view in Minia, Kefalonia.

  • NikoStudios

    Overlooking the Ionian Sea, NikoStudios have fully equipped rooms close to many sandy beaches of Lassi.

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