One of the most impressive traditional summer events in Kefalonia is Barcarole that held at the port of Lixouri and Assos.

Barcarole comes from the word “boat”, which is Italian, but if you want to translate to the Greek, the equivalent is “lemvodia” and means just that: song on the boat!

In Barcarole, the inhabitants of Kefalonia, musicians and singers, serenaders, picked up in boats, holding guitars, violins and mandolins, and lighted torches. The boats pour in the waters of the harbor and the song starts! The songs of Barcarole are of course traditional from Kefalonia, the known serenades from Ionian, which are glorifying the love…

The celebration of Barcarole is usually completed with impressive fireworks in the summer sky of Kefalonia and dancing performances – which of course take place on land!

Barcarole is an established kind of classical music, as well as between other projects «The Tales of Hoffmann» by Jacques Offenbach and the «Barcarole in F sharp major», by Chopin, is famous. Barcarole in Kefalonia, of course does not include such classic works, only the local traditional music from Kefalonia.

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