Carnival in Lixouri

The Carnival in Lixouri holds the reigns of the carnival entertainment in Kefalonia, as in Lixouri is organized every year a great carnival with lots of fun, satire and great tradition.

It seems that the beginning of Carnival in Lixouri are defined somewhere along the foundation of the city, in the 16th century. Originally, they were horse races, organized by the Venetian conquerors of the island, and then was dominated the satire and the elements of the Dionysian cult of the ancient Greek tradition. In 1888, indeed, the then Mayor of Lixouri, Angelos Iacovatos invites people to have fun in the Carnival in Lixouri with “decent way and not with Dionysian excesses” that seemed to have existed until then.

The Quadrilles and Latsieres were the traditional dances that were not missing ever by the Carnival in Lixouri, as not missing so far the “legends” that accompany it. One of them explains why the inhabitants of Lixouri are also called “Colobaioi”. Once so, they had set up a carnival happening, which depict the discovery of America by Columbus – the half did the Indians, the other half were however ‘Colombus’, the “Colobaioi “, as they prevailed.

Another year, much later, is said that, under the Carnival in Lixouri and competition between the two cities of Kefalonia, the inhabitants of Lixouri stole the Carnival of Argostoli. Those who make verse ‘praised’ even the ‘feat’ appropriately:


You learned what took place

In the places of Argostoli

The carnival has gone,

He changed place.


Other famous verse of Kefalonia that has as occasion the Carnival in Lixouri:


Did you see John in Lixouri what life and manliness?

I turn my back in Argostoli with all my nobility.

I turn my back in Argostoli with the hidden riches,

With the face pensada, the houses closed,

And worth it in Lixouri, as much hunger has

It cannot leave the fun’s tune.

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