Carols of Kefalonia

The carols of Kefalonia are sung in the villages and cities of Kefalonia, on Christmas Eve. It is a variant of carols that tell children all over Greece, with lyrics from the local tradition of the island, which has thus created the special carols of Kefalonia.

“We came with roses and blossoms, to tell you many years” are the lyrics with which start the carols of Kefalonia, which indeed also have changes from region to region: In Livathos, the carols of Kefalonia say:

“Since many of yours times

And a tendency of mice

And a sieve of bulbs»

While in Sami:

«They sprayed with water,

Sprinkle also the palm

And takes the palm the wax

And go above and under

And is shining in its candles

Who is of many years’.

Previously, the carols of Kefalonia were sung on the eve, by Groups from the inhabitants of Kefalonia accompanied by guitar, mandolin and violin. The dawn of Christmas, the friendships met outside the home of Bishop and sang:

“Awake, Holiness,

Go to the Church,

Who are waiting for you the Angels,

To start the Liturgy”.

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