Celebration of robola

Robola, the famous local wine from Kefalonia, could not have an event dedicated exclusively: the celebration of robola is the event of the summer on the island!

This dry white wine is considered by experts of excellent quality and is definitely one of the local products that should all try during their stay in Kefalonia. The vast majority of vineyards of robola are located in the center of the island, on the plateau of Omalos, at the foothills of Enos. The Celebration of robola takes place right there.

Valsamata is the largest village in the area, which in fact has now become one with the neighboring Fragkata. The Celebration of robola is a big festival, held every August at the central point of these villages, by their inhabitants, who are mostly engaged in the vineyards and wine.

Whoever, you ask in Kefalonia, is sure that speaking for the Celebration of robola will be reported in the fun, feasting and binge with much wine and dancing until the early hours!

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