Colognes is the custom with which send off in Kefalonia the old year and welcome the new. On the evening of New Year’s Eve, young and old go out to the streets, equipped with bottles of cologne and sing carols scattering each other!

Friends and known, and unknown become one in cologne and greet everyone with fun, joy and much song, in the New Year.

“We came with roses and blossoms to say many years to you”, is the aversion of the carols from Kefalonia, accompanying colognes and echoes from end to end of the island, along with a wish ‘Good Cut” that came on the eve of New Year.

The meeting point and “center” of events in the colognes and Lithostroto, the main pedestrian area of Argostoli, as the city’s main square, the square Vallianos.

In recent years, in Kefalonia, the colognes take place under the aegis of cultural associations of the island and get a festive character: the bands of the island melodies, crowd is involved and colognes flow abundant!

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