Events in Kefalonia

The cultural events in Kefalonia are organized by local organizations and clubs throughout the year, but the peak in the summer season. Concerts, theatrical and dancing performances, the festival of robola, competitions and many reports are among the events in Kefalonia that can watch the visitors of the island.

One of the largest events in Kefalonia is the celebration of the Union of Ionian Islands with Greece, which is celebrated with a parade, wreath laying and speeches, on 21st of May. Thanksgiving is celebrated in the Cathedral, and the wreath is made in Radicals’ Column, which is dedicated to the fighters from Kefalonia of Union.

Among the events in Kefalonia stand out also:

• International Choral Festival held for almost 30 years (also is called “Choir Meeting”)

• “Barcarole” in Lixouri and Assos, which is one of the traditional events in Kefalonia: just got dark, the serenades climb on the boats and opened to harbor in singing traditional serenades from Kefalonia, holding lighted torches.

• “Eortia” in Sami, is the cultural summer festival that includes everything: concerts with famous singers and traditional groups, theatrical performances, exhibitions, dance performances and others.

Myrtos Beach, the Municipal Theatre “Kefalos”, the Institution Vergoti at Kourkoumelata, the beach of Poros, and the squares of each village hosts many events, every summer, in Kefalonia.

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