One of the largest villages, Faraklata is located just five kilometers away from Argostoli. It is built at an altitude of 260 meters, surrounded by the lush greenery, in the center of Kefalonia and has 411 residents.

Colorful houses of traditional architecture, bright red roofs and beautifully tended gardens full of flowers compose the landscape in Faraklata. From afar, you’ll see it stand out the central church, dedicated to St. Demetrius and the Annunciation. Its bell tower reaches 42 meters in height and every year on 25th of March, in Faraklata, is organized a festival in honor of the celebration.

On your ride to Faraklata, you will also see the ruined mill Peristianos, home of the father of the Romanian writer Panait Istrati and the tree, where hung the German occupiers in 1943, the 20 year old Angelos Konstantakis.

In Faraklata, there is also a unique museum – the hotel where the subject is the life in Kefalonia in the 19th century and houses to its sites relics of great importance. In the village, there is finally a unique museum of electricity, as Faraklata was among the first settlements of Greece acquired electricity network, in the early 20th century.



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