Monastery of Saints Fanentes

The ruined monastery of Saints Fanentoi is very close to Agrilia. It was founded according the tradition in the 11th century and continued to function as a male monastery until 1953 when it suffered serious damage from earthquakes.

It was dedicated to three Christians sailors who at the end of 2nd century BC left the Roman fleet and chose to become monks in the hills around Sami. According to tradition several centuries later, their relics “appeared” in one of the caves in the region in a unique. The Venetian relics were moved to Venice where they remained until 2009 that they returned to Kefalonia. In the ruins of medieval monastery of saints Fanentes you can admire the medieval architecture and Byzantine frescoes. The historic monastery has preserved the icon of Saints Fanentes in its temple, dating to 1654 AD and now it is kept in Sami at the church of Assumption. A chapel was erected later near the ruins of old monastery, where on the Day of All Saints a big festival takes place for the celebration of Saints Fanentes.

To visit Saints Fanentes you have to take a beautiful hiking path passing through the Ancient Acropolis of Sami.


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