Public Theater of Argostoli “Kefalos”

Jewel and pride of local people in Kefalonia is the Municipal Theatre “Kefalos”, the largest theater stage of Kefalonia . In its current form it has been operating since 1994. The history of the theater however starts from 19th century, when the great music-lovers felt it necessary to build a space that could accommodate performances of European level, mostly Italian productions such as traviatas and operettas. So to ensure the necessary funding they have produced a peculiar contract: Donors therefore, were also co-owners with the ability to shape on their own their personal gallery! The theater opened in 1858 with “La Traviata” by Verdi. As the historians and folklorists note, Kefalos was full of local people who always loved the arts. In his chamber all classes of society in the island were met, as music for both aristocracy and people was a part of their everyday life. The theater was used after the Destruction of Asia Minor to house refugees and since then it stopped hosting shows. During the 2nd World War it was bombed and burned while the earthquakes of 1953 razed what was left of the jewelry of Kefalonia in 19th century. Nowadays the theater has hosted not only the local artistic expression, but also performances of the National Orchestra of Opera , international productions , theatrical performances , concerts of major artists such as Mikis Theodorakis and others.


Address: Avenue Vergoti 16, Argostoli

Phone: +30 26710 25599


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