Although French dance, quadrilles has now joined the tradition of Kefalonia and is part of the local culture.

According to the folklores, quadrilles come from ancient dances for the fertility. They are danced in a circle, by couples facing each other, with a number of stunts and transitions that make quadrilles one of the most interesting folk dances.

The music that accompanies quadrilles is cheerful and lively and seems somehow to western waltz, of which was also “ancestor”.


During the 19th century, quadrilles were a “dancing of salons”, leaving for a little their popular character. However, as they had already passed into the mentality of all, soon this ‘discrimination’ is marginalized and quadrilles are danced everywhere and by everyone.

Today in Kefalonia, quadrilles are danced with every occasion, though, not as before. In the traditional festivals of the island, however, are often heard, while it is certain that they are a part of the annual part of the famous Carnival in Lixouri.

Similar dance to the quadrilles and are lanstiedes (lonchistai), danced by four couples standing diagonally opposite forming square and performing many stunts.

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