Rimnadoroi of Kefalonia

Hello Ionian Islands

Beautiful Kefalonia

That from your ten residents

The kourloi are nine.


The quatrain is a traditional rimna of Kefalonia, impromptu and extremely self-sarcastic mood, since kourlos in the dialect is the crazy, the daredevil.

Rimna is the rhyme in the local dialect, i.e. the verse. The verse of Kefalonia is the short satirical verses created by improvisations of the moment by the inhabitants of Kefalonia having humor, music and rhythm in their blood!

The renowned rimnadoroi from Kefalonia made the verses of Kefalonia in a minute and with a perspicacious quatrain let usually their “opponent” speechless. This may be one with which only argue or disagree on a matter of the daily routine, but it can be a real opponent in a “struggle”, from those who took place in the traditional dances and festivals of Kefalonia.

The verses of Kefalonia, besides humor, are distinguished for their anger and wisdom, as the good and worthy man who makes verses not only uses words to vanquish the “opponent”, but also to pass the message, so as to leave his verse as a proverb in the folk wisdom.

Here are some typical verses from Kefalonia:


The buttons of my jacket

Are the wealthy and my life

My shoes

Are my vineyards.


The man is not justified

From his face,

But only from the mind

And his attitude.


Best in seas

With waves crested

Despite my good mother-

Confront you.

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