Tsakarisiano is one of the settlements in Pyrgi, along with Digaleto and Charakti. It is located in the municipal section of Sami, in the northeast of Kefalonia. It is built in the green, in the foothills of Enos. The landscape is dominated by fir, the unique fir of the mountain, with the characteristic dark color of its leaves. From Tsakarisiano, starts the climbing route to the top of Enos, which is Megalos Soros in 1628 meters – is the highest of all the Ionian Islands.

Tsakarisiano we meet along the path connecting the two largest ports of Kefalonia, Sami, in northeast and Poros, in the southeast. A little out of the way is shown on the right, on top of a hill, with the colored houses and bright red roofs. It stands out for the odd shape of the steeple of the church of Tsakarisiano, which is painted white and red.

The church of Tsakarisiano is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the Virgin Mary Bourbourelo, as it is known in Kefalonia. Bourpourelis is the traditional food that make cook on the day of the celebration, on 21st of November. These are different kinds of pulses, chickpeas, beans, lentils, mixed in the pot, so that batter is formed.



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