Wetland of Livadi

The wetland of Livadi is of great importance for the natural environment of Kefalonia and is very close to Lixouri , approximately 8 km.

More than a hundred streams from the surrounding area result in wetland of Livadi, according to the research of scientists. It is a haven for white egrets, swans, fasonetes, mallards and other rare species especially of birds. Reeds, rushes and mats encircle it, in an area of ​​about 500 acres.

The wetland of Livadi got its name from the homonymous village and basically it is its north beach. Lixouri  is from here about ten minutes away by car, while close by there are the beaches of Petani , Atheras  and Zola.

The natural environment of Kefalonia has great interest for the relevant scientists. Apart from the wetland in Livadi, rare animal and plant species found in the National Park in Enos  and in the lagoon of Koutavos , in Argostoli. Meanwhile, the island’s geological phenomena, such as sinks , Kounopetra , cave Melissanis  etc., create a unique backdrop for travelers of nature that keeps the interest undiminished for as resistant to explore it!


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