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The General Hospital of Kalamata holds central position in the health sector of Messinia, being one of the best equipped on the Peloponnese. The hospital was built after the earthquake of 1986 and consists of the main building, the psychiatry unit and individual outhouses. It numbers 321 beds, compared to 250 beds of the old hospital, and has a Short-Care Unit, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Intensive Care Unit, Infarction Unit, Thalassemia, Dialysis Unit and Psychiatry Department. In the hospital there are also interdepartmental sections (Emergency, Day Care, Regular Surgeries, Endoscopy, Physiotherapy) and seven ORs and laboratories.

In Messinia you will find Health Centers in the following regional cities and villages: Filiatra, Pylos, Petalidi, Messini, Agios Nikolaos and Gargalianoi, while an operating Health Center - Regional Clinic have Dorion and Chatzis. Finally, apart from the hospitals and health centers of Messinia, in many villages of the county operate regional clinics serving locals and visitors.

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  • General Hospital of Kalamata

    Information about the General Hospital of Kalamata.

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